Will water damage a sim card?

Although SIM cards do not have battery-powered electronic devices such as mobile phones, prolonged exposure to water can damage the card. SIM cards are water resistant and cannot be damaged by water, even if the SIM card falls into five liters of water, although it depends on the manufacturer of the SIM card. As long as the SIM card is still working, it should be OK, yes. If it's really damaged, then it won't work and you'll need a new one.

SIM cards normally don't break as a result of water damage. I suspect that your sim is not hurt and the problem is with the phone. Yes, if the SIM card fits, it will work. However, iPhone 6 requires a different format simulator on some networks.

SIM cards are quite sturdy and should be able to survive water damage unless they have been exposed for a long time. If you have a fan (don't use a hairdryer, it can damage your phone), blow cool air directly into the SIM card slot or the lightning part. Allow enough space for air to enter, you don't need to set the fan in a high position. A light breeze is enough to aid the evaporation process.

In some rare cases, if water gets into the SIM card chip, the SIM card could be damaged, but this depends on how the SIM card is made and most cheap SIM cards are not water resistant, I must admit. The longer you can wait, the better, as it will give the water more time to evaporate and avoid any further damage. You can tell if your iPhone has water damage by removing the SIM tray and looking for a red color inside the SIM card slot. I can't seem to remember the number of times my SIM card falls into the water or gets soaked in the SIM card change process and the SIM card doesn't get damaged because I'm still using it.

Even though I said that the SIM card is water resistant, don't expose your SIM card to water, otherwise the SIM card chip could rust and you know the consequence, the SIM card chip will be damaged. In some cases, water damage can spread even after waiting a few days, so you'll want to take this opportunity to save the data while you can. SIM cards are water resistant and you don't need to worry about whether your SIM card could be damaged by water. Nothing will happen to your SIM card, I don't recommend that you wash your SIM card with water or that you always drop it in the water.

My SIM card has fallen into deep water several times and all I have to do is use a clean cloth and dry the water. The error is both a water indicator in the port and a warning to the user not to charge the device to avoid damage. Remember, all SIM cards are water resistant and therefore cannot be damaged by water unless your SIM carrier produces cheap, non-waterproof SIM cards. That means that the liquid contact indicator (LCI) on the phone has been activated and that water or other liquid (looking at you, coffee) entered the phone and is likely to damage it.

If it is red, it means that the liquid contact indicator (LCI) has been activated and there is water damage. This is one of the most common myths not only about how to repair water-damaged iPhones, but also about most electronic devices. iPhone SIM cards are water resistant like any other SIM card for other mobile devices, and cannot be damaged by water.