What is water damage on iphone?

The water damage indicator is a small white tab that turns red when wet enough to damage the device. If it has turned red, the phone is likely to have a problem. If a liquid damages an iPhone or iPod (for example, coffee or soda), service for damage caused by the liquid is not covered by Apple's One-Year Limited Warranty, but you may have rights under consumer law. Water damage is often the cause of serious hardware problems that prevent iPhone from turning on and working.

Water-resistant iPhones are still very susceptible to liquid damage, there's only one protective barrier that's supposed to keep water out. The water damage indicator is still white, but the screen is black and I can't see anything to turn it off. Water can run down the headphone cables to the iPhone's headphone jack or Lightning port and cause damage once inside. Although all iPhones since iPhone 7 are water and splash resistant, even the slightest amount of liquid can cause water damage.

Water and technology aren't usually happy bedfellows, so seeing your precious iPhone suddenly plummet into the sink, bathtub, or any other body or water can be a heartbreaking moment. Could you change the memory of the damaged phone to an undamaged one to recover the images and videos? In short (there will be puns), liquid damage occurs when water or other liquid comes into contact with an iPhone's water-sensitive electronic devices. One of the biggest problems with water damage is that it creates electrical charges in places where it's not supposed to. Often, this will cause the flashlight component of your iPhone to “peel off” successfully, assuming there is no significant water damage.

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