What is water damage coverage?

This is probably where your mind goes first if you wonder what type of Water Damage homeowners insurance covers. Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from rain? If it's storm damage, generally yes. But does homeowners insurance cover floods? Most of the time, no. In most cases, home and personal property coverage will pay for water damage that results from extinguishing a fire.

If a grease fire destroys your kitchen and water used by firefighters rushes into your living room, destroying floors, furniture, and plasterboard, your policy must cover the damage. Coverage for water damage depends on the situation and the source. If the damage is sudden, accidental, and comes from inside your home, you're usually protected with a standard homeowners insurance policy. However, if the water damage is due to outdoor flooding or careless repair, you won't have coverage.

Keep in mind that water damage from certain types of events, such as tsunamis, floods, sewer accumulations, and pool leaks, is generally not covered. There are instances where a homeowners insurance policy will cover the removal of mold caused by water damage. For example, if the pipe freezes and bursts, insurance will likely cover the pipe and water damage (minus the deductible). In most cases, housing coverage will pay for the repair of damage caused by an overflow of water from appliances, but only when the overflow occurs accidentally and suddenly.

While your standard homeowners insurance policy protects you from water damage in many ways, it's a good idea to have the following additional coverages to provide a broader level of coverage. Which means that many cases where your home or detached garage is damaged due to water can be covered, unless your policy specifically excludes the hazard. And while they don't always come at a low price, some water leak detectors will automatically cut off your home's main water supply, making it worth every penny in the future. The good news is that, in most cases, a standard home insurance policy covers water damage related to appliances or plumbing that occurs due to an unexpected event that originates in your home.

Fortunately, there is an endorsement available to add to homeowners' policies in certain states called water leak damage. Persistent leaks, for example, that damage your home over time and maintenance issues that cause water to seep underground, may not be covered. It helps cover the cost of repairing damage caused by hidden water leaks that you can't see on walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, under floors, even behind or under an appliance. If your personal belongings are damaged by water due to a covered event, it is personal property coverage that will provide protection for the costs of repairing or replacing your belongings.

Flood damage isn't covered either (unless you have a separate policy for Massachusetts flood insurance). Roof leaks are usually also covered by your homeowners insurance policy, but you won't be protected from water damage from external sources, such as flooding.