Is water damage covered by apple warranty?

The warranty doesn't cover damage caused by water and other liquids to your iPhone or iPod - Apple Support. In addition, it is said that the warranty does not cover damage caused by liquids, usually signified by a liquid contact indicator that turns red. The water damage indicator is still white, but the screen is black and I can't see anything to turn it off. Water damage is often the cause of serious hardware problems that prevent iPhone from turning on and working.

In short (there will be puns), liquid damage occurs when water or other liquid comes into contact with an iPhone's water-sensitive electronic devices. Damage can still be caused, especially if you go below 50 meters or wear your watch during high-impact water sports. We explain Apple's warranty coverage in detail to see if the warranty for iPhone devices covers water damage or not. This allows you two services within a 12-month period in the event that an accident causes damage to your phone, including damage caused by liquids.

That said, however, AppleCare+ covers two cases of accidental damage, including those involving liquid damage, that results from handling. Neither AppleCare (the one-year warranty) nor AppleCare+ (the two-year extended warranty) cover water damage. No, neither the original one-year warranty nor the AppleCare+ 2-year extended warranty covers water damage. Water-resistant iPhones are still very susceptible to liquid damage, there's only one protective barrier that's supposed to keep water out.

You can see this indicator from the outside of your device and that can help you, at least, to determine if water damage has occurred. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects, but does not cover accidental damage or damage resulting from normal wear and tear. Could you change the memory of the damaged phone to an undamaged one to recover the images and videos? None of Apple's warranties (AppleCare and AppleCare+) directly cover water damage to your device. Although all iPhones since iPhone 7 are water and splash resistant, even the slightest amount of liquid can cause water damage.

It really looks bad when it announces its water resistance level, but it denies pretty much all claims where water sensors are red.