How water damage wood?

The first step is a thorough cleaning, using two different cleaners. Mineral alcohols remove fatty residues, such as old wax or polish (Photo. Mild dish soap and water remove any water-soluble dirt (Photo. None of these processes will damage an intact finish.

Water damage occurs when water is allowed to saturate a hardwood floor; often the result is a condition often referred to as suction cups. This happens because the unfinished bottom of the boards absorbs more moisture, which causes the bottom of each board to expand more than the top. The result is a wavy appearance and each row of wood lifts up at the seams. There's no question that wooden furniture can suffer if there is water damage to your Fairfield County home.

That's bad news for your antique rocking chair, your favorite family dining table, or that wooden chest of drawers you inherited from your dear aunt. The main concern when it comes to wooden furniture is that water can cause it to warp. Water absorption can also cause swelling of furniture joints and cause them to come off or suffer other structural damage. There is also a risk of water spots or stains on the surface of the item.

Chairs, tables, and other items can also crack or warp as they dry. When water leaks or soaks, it has the potential to cause incalculable damage to your home and belongings. You're left with water-damaged hardwood floors after a flood caused by ice dams, faulty appliances, broken pipes, or another incident in your home or office. After about a week of drying out water-damaged hardwood floors, call your flooring contractor.

My advice with furniture is the same as with structural wood or widespread water damage (such as floors and walls). We know you try to treat your furniture well, but scratches caused by falling car keys, water cup rings and other damage are often part of life. The above method of repairing water damaged wood is perfect for outdoor decking, decking and internal skirting and door frames. Although most wood finishes protect the surface, it is possible that the wood can be damaged by water.

Water damage can be quite a demanding problem, which can greatly affect the condition of your property or furniture.