Does water damage suede?

Does water ruin suede? Yes, water ruins the chamois. The reason for this is that the suede material is very porous and absorbs moisture quite easily. This feature can leave stains and other damage. Vinegar is said to be harmless to chamois and it is safe to use on that fabric.

Suede jackets can get wet; they are not waterproof in any way. Water can do a little damage to your suede jackets. It can cause discoloration, staining and shrinkage, or loss of shape. This spray helps repel water from those materials, helping them last longer and delaying any potential damage that may arise.

If stains persist, prepare an equal parts solution of white vinegar and warm water and gently clean them with a brush (dip the brush in the cleaning solution, not the cloth) before pressing with a towel to absorb some of the water. Some people argue that dry cleaning companies oversell how much Damage Water does to chamois to attract more people for their cleaning services; others argue against it. Now, to ensure that your suede jacket never goes through the trials and tribulations of water damage again, you'll need to properly waterproof it.